Beer and Cheese? Yes please!

On a humid Sunday afternoon in NYC, there is nothing like a good, cold beer.

The beautiful thing about New York is that there is a bar on every corner.  But thanks to the influence of Steve, I don’t want any ole’ beer.  I want a good micro-brew.  Something that was handcrafted by a local team with well thought out ingredients and focused brewing process.

There are many establishments that fit this bill…..and this afternoon I stumbled upon a real gem.

ABC (Alphabet City) Beer Co.

I’m not one to get lost in Alphabet City, but my friend Bethie was insistent that we look for a bar on Avenue C.

When we first looked in we saw the fridges and thought they would only sell beer to go.  After a second glance we saw the full bar and lounge in the back.

We were eager to sit at the bar and look over the current draft list.  It was a good sign that I could barley recognize half of the list because I was in the mood to try something new!  The bartender was great and let us try a few beers before making a decision.

Side note: You can purchase a Growler of any tap beer for a great price!

I ordered the Cottrell Summer Ale from CT and Bethie got the Breckenridge Vanilla Porter from CO.

The Cottrell is a worthy summer ale.  The flavor is smooth and subtle with a balanced hop finish.  The citrus notes were evident but not overwhelming.  It was light in body with a great blonde color.

I only got a few sips of the Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, but I liked what I tasted!  It had all the great aromas of nuts and chocolate, the touch of vanilla was pretty genius….speaking from one who LOVES anything Vanilla.  I probably would have preferred this beer on a cold night in front of a fire place….but it was so yummy I would make the exception to drink it in a cold bar on a summer afternoon.

Next, we ordered the cheese plate.

Cheese plates in the city can be a hit or miss.  Sometimes they know what they are talking about and offer cool options….every other time you get typical cheeses found in the grocery store with crackers.

I knew we were in for a treat when the bartender introduced us to Kent (from Chippewa falls, WI. They make great cheese from there, ask him about it).  Kent started a conversation with us about our likes and dislikes of cheese.  After taking in our notes he gave us a few samples and we decided on three: L’Amuse Aged Gouda (Cow’s milk from Holland), Ossau Iraty (Sheep’s milk from France) and Landaff (Cows milk made in NH but aged in VT).

Home Run!

Every cheese was delicious!  Of course I would recommend these cheeses, but really, I would say to go in and ask Kent to suggest a plate for you.  The plate also came with olive bread crostini and a fig jam.

Quick notes: The Aged Gouda taste like a 5 year but had only been aged 2.

The Ossau Iraty was a firm cheese with a yummy creamy texture.

Finally the Landaff had more of a bite to it and went perfectly with the fig jam!

This place is low key, has a friendly staff and great beer and cheese selections.

I cant’ wait to come back for happy hour (Monday – Friday, 12 – 7pm) and I can’t wait to show this place to Steve!!!

**Out of a possible 5 stars, here’s what we thought….

Décor: 3 star                 Service: 4 stars

Beverage List: 5 star           Food: 4 stars

Location: 3 star            Overall: 4 stars

Cost: $10 – $30  per person (depending on how much you can throw back)

ABC Beer Co.

96 Avenue C

New York, NY 10009

(646) 422-7103


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