We love Sushi in Astoria

I (Liz) am writing this post without Steve since he was unavailable to dine with me this past week.  I did however, have the pleasure to dine with my friend Niki, once again, in good ole’ Astoria.

After a long head shot session with Niki we decided that food and A LOT of booze was necessary.  Luckily, Niki shares my passion for sushi and more importantly, Watawa.

I have been in love with Watawa for many years.

True story: When I was looking for a new apartment in Astoria with my friend Bri, we actually rented the place I live in now because it’s just around the corner from Watawa……that’s how much I love it.

The atmosphere has a peaceful yet modern upscale Japanese vibe.

So let me start with the important review…the booze.  You know how you can order a hot sake from a sushi place and when you drink it, it kind of has a hot rubbing alcohol in your mouth sensation?….That doesn’t happen here!  If you are a saki connoisseur, which I’m sure you are, they have pretty big sake list available as well.

Now to the good stuff….the fish.

I love a good roll, and this place has the BEST rolls!  I’m always changing which my favorites are but the Sea Color Roll might be at the top of my list at the moment.  Spicy tuna, mango, eel, avocado and blackened tuna, unbelievable!  I am always impressed with their exciting flavors and flawless presentation.  If you go to this place please bring a friend a share a large platter like the photo above, it’s the best way to go.  If you’re not from NYC, please stay with me and Steve and it’s a guarantee we will take you here and Igloo cafe…..two Astoria classics 🙂

Niki and I sat and talked for about two hours.  Our water glasses were constantly filled and the service was flawless.

Just go….it’s awesome 🙂

**Out of a possible 5 stars, here’s what we thought….

Décor: 4 star                 Service: 4 stars

Beverage List: 4 star           Food: 4 stars

Location: 4 star            Overall: 4 stars

Cost: $15 – $30  per person


33-10 Ditmars Blvd (between 33rd and 35th street)
Astoria, NY 11105

(718) 545-9596

* Steve and I do promise to write about Manhattan restaurants in the near future.  We also hope to venture into Brooklyn someday, even though it is well known that the Queens folk rarely visit the Brooklyn-ites and vice versa.  But we have every intention to dust off our passports and make the trip!


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