A Steakhouse….in Astoria?

A Steakhouse….in Astoria?

This past Monday night Steve and I asked the inevitable question we all face every evening, “what’s for dinner?”  Every now and again we splurge and try to cook something at home but thankfully this was not one of those nights.  We were certain of only two things:  1) We wanted a steak.  2) We wanted to stay in Astoria.

Now perhaps you were thinking the same thing we were, “Does that even exist?”  Thanks to our favorite trusty search engine and Yelp, we were informed that two steakhouses did in fact reside in good ole’ Queens….until we called one of them and discovered that is was closed, (thanks a lot Yelp).  So, we decided to go to the second and apparently only choice, Christos Steakhouse.  Now mind you it is listed as a Greek Steakhouse, because if you want to make it in Astoria, you’ve got to throw in the word Greek or Greece.

It’s a little off the beaten path and hidden amongst the trees within the neighborhood.  If you’re arriving from the Ditmars station it’s a good seven minute walk (please take into consideration I was wearing heels which naturally slows a girl down).


When we entered the restaurant we were underwhelmed with its ambiance.  The menu online showed NYC steakhouse prices and we walked in with high expectations.  We were greeted by a friendly hostess who escorted us to a back section and our table.  The décor was drab.  Tan walls with no art, cheap tables and chairs you might find in a diner.  The night was off to a rough start.   Our waiter greeted us immediately, offered us water and a wine list.  The wine list was another disappointment.  It was the usual suspects you would find in a liquor store but of course, overpriced and not many options.

We decided on a Simi Cabernet……I know, not a great choice but really, slim picking’s people!  Also, we ordered a watermelon salad to share, Steve ordered a Filet Mignon and I ordered a NY Strip.

Our hopes began to rise when the salad was served.  It was ripe red and yellow watermelon slices over grilled manouri (Greek of course) cheese, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  The presentation seemed well thought out.  The flavors complemented each other, especially the saltiness of the cheese and the sweet fruit.  But it was missing that “wow” factor.  Steve mentioned that if the watermelon was grilled and if there was a touch of sea salt, it would have been a better dish.

Next was the moment of glory, the reason we came to this far off occult location in Astoria; the Steak.  It arrived with our order of rosemary fries, string beans and various sauces.  I literally held my breath as I took my first bite.  This whole evening was about finding a decent steak and this was the moment that would make or break our evening.

Hallelujah they nailed it!!! Phew!

The steak was good….mouthwatering good.  The meat was well aged and cooked to perfection.  The fries were touched with fresh rosemary which really complimented the steak and incredibly addicting.  This is difficult to admit, but those steaks were worth every penny….and they cost a LOT of pennies.  Steve and I are debating over the string beans.  I found them over cooked but he thought they were fine.


Afterwards we finished with their dessert special of the day.  They called it “Baked Astoria” which of course was a Baked Alaska…..and it was crap.  If you eat here walk a few extra blocks and get your dessert at Martha’s Bakery on Ditmars instead.


So the décor was bad and the wine list was pathetic.  But, it is a steakhouse and they do make a good steak.  We also heard several staff members wish us a goodnight on the way out which was nice.

Would we recommend this place? Not really.

**Out of a possible 5 stars, here’s what we thought….

Décor: 1 star                 Service: 2 stars

Wine List: 1 star           Food: 2.5 stars

Location: 1 star            Overall: 1.5 stars

Cost: Expensive

Christos Steakhouse

4108 23rd Ave (between 41st and 42nd street)
Astoria, NY 11105

(718) 777-8400


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